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Aquamacs and swedish keyboard


Some characters is hard to type in Aquamacs on a swedish keyboard. I have hard wired some keybindings to these characters @, $, [,], {,}


On thing that really has annoyed me for some time when using Aquamacs is that certain characters are hard to type.

"alt" is by default the "meta"-key in Aquamacs, so "alt"+2 that usually enters the "@" character in other programs on a swedish keyboard instead executes the method "digit-argument" with parameter 2. *

Aquamacs has functionality for handling this, you can set the “alt” key to producing characters like a normal keyboard besides being the meta key. Or you can temporary disable alt to be interpreted by calling “toggle-mac-option-modifier” bound to “ctrl” + ;

I tried the meta-key-plus-locale-specific-setting but was not satisfied. This setting was lost when I for some reason needed to temporary disable the meta-key.

Yesterday I got sick of it and hard wired some keybindings to characters that I often need to type with the alt-key.

Check out the keybindings here:

  • Instead of using “digit-argument” “universal-argument” (bind to “ctrl”+u) seems to be a good candidate. I always use the command “universal-argument”

Notes with tag support with Evernote and Alfred


Open Alfred CLI and enter the “note” command

  note string of title [#tags …]


note The lean startup #book #agile


Download the alfredapp extension here


Thanks @himynameisjonas for showing cool stuff with alfred :-)


Turning off ergoemacs-mode

Yesterday I turned off ergoemacs-mode after enjoying it for some months. 

I switched to Aquaemacs with textmate-mode and peepopen. Lets see how long it will holds.

Aquaemacs is optimized for using emacs with mac os x and adds standard mac os x shortcuts to make your life a little bit more easy.

Textmate-mode is mimicking some of the common features of textmate, command-t for example. 

Peep-open is a navigation application that enhances your user experience when searching for files in a project.

Ergoemacs, developed by Xah Lee and David Capello, is trying to get around some of emacs horrible standard shortcuts, that might even cause you injuries. The ergoemacs bindings for moving around in a file is much more natural and faster to type.

The problem I had with ergoemacs is that the META-key becomes much more important for the keybindings. I had bind the meta-key to the cmd-key and to make this playing nice with terminals you need make quite a lot of configuration to make everything run perfectly. And I never got it up perfectly.

Using emacs without ergoemacs became a problem (typical in terminals), and I switched to vim in those situations (o_O)

What I see as a plus with aquaemacs, textmate-mode and  peepopen is that my daily work with emacs will be a quite(!) nice experience. It has some shortcuts to simplify using emacs on a mac, but keeps most of the default keybindings. It will take some time to relearn the standard keybindings, but I will be more flexible when using emacs on different machines and in terminals. I’m going back to standard for a while. Hope I will not get any serious finger injuries…

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